Welcome to Furnace Toolbox!

I am Ken Cantu, and I am a certified heating expert. I’ve been working as a heating contractor for more than ten years now, and I am familiar with all the possible heating issues you might raise for I experienced it all myself in my line of work. I’ve worked in the field and seen and worked on all types of home heating systems myself. And now,I will share everything I know about how a furnace works, what affects its efficiency, why it breaks down, how to prevent costly repairs, tips on upgrades and replacements, and do-it-yourself advice on how to tackle furnace issues you experience at home with ease and confidence.

My blog is the perfect place to learn all about the furnace. I will post blogs talking about real-life situations and how to react to prevent more damage to your furnace and even your home.

For all your furnace concerns, contact me anytime so I can help you find the best solution for all your heating worries.

I hope you enjoy my blogs!