Hello, my name is Ken Cantu. I’m a certified HVAC professional in the field for over ten years now.

During that span of time, I established my practice and further specialized as a heating contractor. My familiarity with the different kinds of heating systems commercially available today has helped me solved all of my customer’s heating problems. There’s not a heating system in the market that I don’t know of or worked on myself.

Over the years, I grasped the importance of educating homeowners to better take care of their furnaces to prevent emergency repairs. I’m not after your money; I aim for your comfort and safety. With this blog, Furnace Toolbox, it will serve as your own personal toolbox in managing every furnace problems you have at home. It’s like your own version of a heating first aid kit so you can solve minor issues by yourself or provide a Band-Aid solution to delay an emergency call and wait until regular working hours resume.

Explore my site and I will answer all your furnace problems as soon as I can.